July 11, Utpal: Diamonds In My Life

In the morning I asked Stutisheel if he wanted to tell me some of his favorite experiences that he has had here at the 3100 mile race.

“I believe one lap will not be enough.  Over the years there have been many good stories.”

Stutisheel and his family have lived and experienced a lot here at the race.  Coming nearly every year since 2004, only Ashprihanal has been here more times.  As I listen to some of his remarkable tales it is easy to see why it has so profoundly shaped and illumined his family and himself.

“All the diamonds in my life I found here, on this half mile loop.”

“I remember one time I was walking for three days.  Everything was okay, I didn’t have any blisters.  The problem was that I was so weak, and nobody could fix it.  By the end of day 3 I was pretty much depressed.  Many doubts started coming to my mind.”  Stutisheel was not certain what was the true source of his problem.  He felt he had some weakness that he could not transcend.

On this very same day his daughter, Alakananda went to a function where his spiritual teacher, Sri Chinmoy was going to be there.  At the end of the evening Sri Chinmoy, as was his custom was handing out prasad to the children.  Instead of giving her one piece he gave Alakananda 2.  “This is for your father.”


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