Day 15: A Oneness World Family. Utpal’s blog

“I have always felt that oneness is the most powerful aspect in God’s creation, and it comes in three parts. Oneness with the creator. Oneness with one’s soul. And oneness with each other.”

“We are living in a time in which we have to see each other in all of us as members of one family. One world family. And this applies not only on earth but across the universe.”

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Day 11: Every Day Opens A New Experience. Utpal’s blog

“Every day opens something new. It’s a new experience and you can’t prepare for that. Every day you get something new that you never expected. Some kind of experience.”

For this 8 time finisher of the race the past week has been a new experience in the worst possible way. The last few days he has been mostly walking and it doesn’t take much to notice, that despite his smiles, he is in pain, and frustrated that he cannot be the hard charging relentless runner that he is more familiar with.

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