The day before the start of the 3100 Mile race in 2022

The 26th Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race starts on September 4, 2022 at 6:00 AM New York time. It is the longest certified race in the world. The deadline is 52 days, the race ends at midnight on October 25th.

There are 11 participants from 10 countries on the starting line. Three – first-time rookies.

The race can be followed on the official website (there are online webcams)

This is my 14th 3100 Mile race. You can also follow my progress on Strava

Runners of the 3100 Mile Race 2022 edition

From left to right. First raw:
Kobi Oren, Israel
Andrea Marcato, Italy
Lo Wei Ming, Taiwan

Second raw:
Ananda-Lahari Zuscin, Slovakia
Stutisheel Lebedev, Ukraine
Stephen Redfern, Australia
Kanineeka Janakova, Slovakia
Susan Marshall, New Zealand
Huang Lan Yang, Taiwan
Vasu Duzhiy, Russia
Ashprihanal Aalto, Finland

Day 52: Run And Become. Utpal’s blog

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Day 51: Quality Of Gratitude. Utpal’s blog

“Lots of ups and downs. Lots of challenges. There continues to be lots of challenges. I know I always look as if everything is great.”

“There is always physical things that happen. Up until the very end I just pray for protection, and I pray to be taken care of. That I can reach the goal.”

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Day 50: Help Each Other. Utpal’s blog

“I didn’t realize how hard the race would be. Not just for the runners but also all the workers.”

I am going to be the 50th person to to complete the race but I didn’t realize just how many people behind the scenes working together to put the race on. I want people to know about this race, and how many people it took to put it all together.”

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Lo Wei-Ming finish 48 days + 11:52:01

Day 49: Inner Feeling. Utpal’s blog

“Probably to do something that is long and is good you need to love it. I just love this race. For me it has an intensity and many other things that I don’t go through in my day to day ordinary life.”

“I come here for self-transcendence. For a feeling of oneness. To see and be with the best people on earth. To experience closeness to God. So the race is a magnet. I just can’t resist.”

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Day 48: Make Progress. Utpal’s blog

“Each of my races here are beautiful in there own way. If you look at my first race it was very hard for me. Perhaps even harder than this one. But if we speak just about this race I had many more things happen to me.”

“I can’t remember all the things ….It started with blisters. I had trouble with my sciatic nerve, and other problems because of that. Now I am having some trouble with my tooth. Such kind of things.”

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