Day 50: Help Each Other. Utpal’s blog

“I didn’t realize how hard the race would be. Not just for the runners but also all the workers.”

I am going to be the 50th person to to complete the race but I didn’t realize just how many people behind the scenes working together to put the race on. I want people to know about this race, and how many people it took to put it all together.”

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Day 49: Inner Feeling. Utpal’s blog

“Probably to do something that is long and is good you need to love it. I just love this race. For me it has an intensity and many other things that I don’t go through in my day to day ordinary life.”

“I come here for self-transcendence. For a feeling of oneness. To see and be with the best people on earth. To experience closeness to God. So the race is a magnet. I just can’t resist.”

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