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Writing A Book, by Utpal

June 24, 2013

“When I came the first time I had expectations.  I didn’t know what this was all about.  Each year that I have come after that is like creating another book, or adding more pages in this book.  For me it is a process which is continuing in my case.  Once I started I want to finish, to read the book until the very end.” Read more atmavir2

Day 9, Pranjal

June 24, 2013

Archived – click Post Title to view all. Hi everyone. This is the end of day 9. It was hot, humid and wet. From the morning it was really humid and hot. It was getting only worse, by noon it was really hard. Everybody tried to do his/her best. Then about 2 pm it’s started to rain suddenly. Nobody expected it. It was raining for about an hour. It really helped, because it cleared the weather, humidity went dawn and it was much easier to run. For me it was may be first day when I could keep energy at the evening and run – I was not 100% dead. I did 117 laps – good day for me. Atmavir had another good day. Of course during humidity he was suffering, because he is very sensitive ti heat, but he did something like 124 laps. I haven’t seen Vasu the whole day – he was running in his own pace. He looks good. Ashprihanal looked today much better and was running better – he is now ok. For Yuri it was hot in the morning, but it seems that didn’t affect him. Sarvagata had a starting shint split but after lunch time bandage disappeared from his leg, probably it was not that serious. Surasa was experiencing hard times during the heat but at the evening she run much better. Sopan did his own usual pace but in the evening he looks really suffering – was pushing until the end. Nidrhuvi stayed till the midnight and has to push to do her mileage. Ananda-Lahari ran good in the…

Day 9, results

June 24, 2013