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Day 32, Stutisheel

July 16, 2014

Day 32 at 3100 mile race 2014 from Stutisheel Lebedev on Vimeo.

Photos Day 32

July 16, 2014

Photos from day 32 are available here.  

July 13: My Favorite Place by Utpal

July 16, 2014
 “The rain is outside.  Happiness is inside.  They do not mix.  I love rain very much.  I call rain my friend, and when it comes I am very happy.”

“I understand that other runners do not like rain very much.  But rain doesn’t ask us when it comes.  Therefore I am very happy when it comes.  I cheer it.” “I take rain as a part of the Supreme.  Rain, sun, and wind are all manifestations of the Supreme, and I try and take it with gratitude.  Our minds can think about it in a bad way.  But my heart feels that I am one with the rain.  Rain is also a symbol of purity.  So when it comes I feel more pure.  Outwardly it is difficult.  Inwardly I have a good feeling.”  Yuri Trostenyuk

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