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July 23:Why by Utpal

July 24, 2014

“It was my second year here and it was my last day and I was just so exhausted.  I knew that I had to finish in 52 days and I was pushing like anything, and it was afternoon.  I was completely dead at that point.  I was passing somewhere here, (points to a light pole) and I realized.  I am dead.  I couldn’t make it.  I was mentally out.  And then I saw a poster on the pole about Sri Chinmoy.” He turned to the poster and said, “I can’t make it.  I am completely tired.”


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July 22: Friendship by Utpal

July 24, 2014
 It was probably the best race he ever ran.  It was also his very first attempt to run for 24 hours.  It was being held  on a track in London by a group who were doing something brand new as well for them.  It was a first for lots of people in a way.


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