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Traditionally, I would like to thank all the participants of the “written 3100” – those who translated, edited and administered the blog during all 52 days. This year we had an expanded international team.

Tatiana Troyanovich is a self-giving administrator and editor
Rageshri Muzychenko – interpreter
Anastasia Tabachnikova is an interpreter
Anastasia Beisova – interpreter
Galina Lelyanova – interpreter
Sambhava Tsibenko – interpreter, editor
Karpani Tsibenko – interpreter, editor
Harikanta Ketova – interpreter
Alexander Kornilov – interpreter
Jayashalini Abramovskikh – interpreter

See you next time!
Stutisheel, author and extreme athlete

End of the Race 2017

The deadline of 3100 Mile Race occured at midnight August 8. There were 5 finishers out of the 10 starters.

More pictures – by the link.

In addition to quite challenging task – to run average 60 miles per day, every edition of the Big Race put an extra surprises. In that sense intestinal virus was the main challange of the 2017 race. Organizers are yet to find the source of it, but because of diarrhoea and as consequence bold dehydration, 7 out of 10 runners received intra venous injection in the middle of July.

Board with the results by the race end.

Yolanda finishes in 51 days+17:00:13

She became the oldest woman to finish the 3100 mile race, and only the second American woman to complete this difficult race. She is the first pure walker to attempt the distance. She has now set many age-group women’s best marks for daily totals, as well as miles and kms.

More pictures by the link

Harita finished – 51 days+12:48:14

More pictures by the link

(Русский) День 50. Нирбаша… Просто опыт ( 6 августа)

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

New World record by Kaneenika! 48 days + 14:24:10

48 days and 14 hours after starting the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race, Kaneenika Janakova,47, of Bratislava, Slovakia set a new women’s world record for the distance. Her final time was 48 days+14:24:10, averaging over 63 miles for nearly two months of daily racing.

Kaneenika broke the previous women’s record set by Surasa Mairer by over 17 hours. Her performance was also sufficient to finish 2nd overall.

More pictures from the finish

(Русский) День 48. Высочайшая Победа (4 августа, Утпал)

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

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