Day 43

jow_387543d day. 7.30 am. 135 miles to go for Aprihanal before today’s start. Definitely hе is going to finish tomorrow! Yesterday was a very good day, pretty nice speed; I set a new record – 131 laps, 71.8 miles. I was surprised today when discovered that I was a leader of the day. I feel wonderful, the speed is excellent, the flight is going on! Yesterday Suprabha had a tough day. Pradan failed to remove pain from her spine and she walked for most of the day and had to even take painkillers. She left earlier yesterday, but today she says that she feels better, but needs a few more days to recover to her normal condition. In spite of physical pain, she smiles, cuts jokes and laughs incredibly. It is just great to run with her.

Day 41

Archived – click Post Title to view all. 41st day, 10pm. Today Purna-Samarpan dropped out of the race. Yesterday he left for home earlier. When Pradan examined him, he said that he believed it would be better to quit the race. This morning Purna Samarpan came to the starting line together with all of us, walked a few laps, but the pain in his spine came back and he took a decision. He hasn’t given up though and is determined to participate next year. Yesterday was a tough day. I published a post on my blog in the morning, and then it was raining from 2 pm till night. It got really tough in the evening. For the last 5 or 6 miles, I was not able to run, so I just walked. Only due to the high speed during the day, I managed to do 65 miles. But this morning when I checked results of the previous day, I saw that it was tough for everybody. Only Asprihanal did 70 miles, the rest of runners didn’t get to this point. By the way, Asprihanal, our firstborn, is going to finish very soon. He said that if he did not surrender to ignorance, it would happen on Monday night. He has been following the schedule of his fourth personal result now. Then one by one others will finish too. I had a nice day today. The weather indulges us amazingly this time. It was 28-29C today, with a cool morning and evening. The only problem I had somewhere between 3 and 4pm, closer to my first break time, was an upset stomach. Probably I had eaten something…

Day 40, gallery

Day 40

40th day, 7.30. am. Another dream has come true – I’ve joined Asprihanal’s elite club of those who cover 70 miles per day. On my 39th day I did 70 miles for the first time in all 6 races. Again, it was very natural, no pressure. It was as if I was going with a flow I didn’t even stay longer hours and left in my usual time which is 11.30 pm. Everything is great! Today I feel no pain at all, there are even no cramps The flight is super excellent ! Sahishnu said that yesterday it was the fist time when 4 runners did over 70 miles a day. Asprihanal, Grahak, Petya,and I. It’s a kind of achievement in terms of the 3100 standard. It is going up, for sure! It has been several evenings in a row that Dipali brings DVD-player with tapes from past races. And while running, I watched on a small screen how Sri Chinmoy launched the first 3100 miles Race in 1997 and walked around the course by himself. Very powerful, very powerful!   Purna-Samarpan has a nerve inflammation in his back. Yesterday he left earlier that usually because he could hardly walk. Today Pradan is arriving, so we rely on him. Today is Arpan’s 57th birthday and according to the old tradition he runs 57 miles. A mile per a year. He had begun running in the opposite direction of the race a little after midnight . He is smiling. It means that everything is all right. We’ll be in touch, everybody.

Day 39, gallery

Day 39 – video

Ukrainian express 70 miles/day

Day 38

Archived – click Post Title to view all. 38th day. 8.20 pm. Today is Volodya’s birthday. He has turned 38. What a coincidence – it is 38th day of the race. In the morning, it began to rain heavily in his honor and it lasted for 4 or 5 hours. The rain slowed us down, as we had to change shoes all the time and take care of the feet. Some runners got problems in the form of blisters and some other troubles. That is why the day is generally slower, although I am running at a good speed. Yesterday, I did 69 miles. It is for the first time since the beginning of the race. I was in a very good flow. Today my speed is not any lower, unless weather conditions slow me down. We’ll see. Somehow Volodya got blues. He’s had fever for three day already. But today everything got together. When walking together, we discussed  that if the soul gave such surprises on its birthday, it meant that something special was unfloding. Of course, all this is for the strong.  Volodya was going to doctor Kumar with Ananda- Lahiri, but at the last moment he changed his mind. He stayed to fight on at the battlefield. According to my experience of previous races, especially to my first one, the toughest and most unexpected surprises take place after the 2000 mile. Like a marathon starts after the 37th mile, even so the 3100race starts after mile 2000. Volodya is keeping his chin up though. He should only take care of his appearance and…

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