Joke of the day 6

Like I said earlier, our lap is 883 meters. And it happens very often when you want to go to the toilet you think you would better go after the next lap. It is a way to safe time.

Yesterday Volodya told us a story about his 10-day race last year. On the next morning after finishing, he wakes up in his room and is going to go to the toilet. He goes to it, but passes right beside it and follows to the kitchen, then comes back to the room and then he finds himself thinking: “Ok, one more lap and then …”

One more joke
You may think that we only run here, but it is not true. We do a lot of things. For example, some armrestling. Yesterday when Pranab had his day-off, he came to the race (here it was better then at home anyway), I don’t remember why, but we decided to measure our strength, as it doesn’t take more than a minute. The timing was great, as we are not going to feel our arm muscles by the end of the race – only leg muscles will remain. After the race I won’t be able to do even one chin-up. Here, as the result, I defeated him with my right arm, and he beat me with his left arm. Our score was 1:1. So, tough guys were satisfied…

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