Day 5

The 5th day of the race, it’s 7.54 pm.

It was raining heavily for hours since early morning, everything was wet everywhere: above, below, beside, inside – everywhere. It’s clear that doesn’t matter how many times you change your running shoes they will get wet in 5 minutes anyway. That’s why I have changed them only once. Later on at 7 pm, when it stopped raining, I changed them once again.

My heel cord pain has gone. Let’s hope forever, at least for this race. When it rains, we should be more careful because wet shoes are heavier and add up load to tendons and cords. As the saying goes, we should hurry up slowly. I did not fly, but the day was more stable and I steadily came closer to my course speed. I am satisfied.

Pavol has shin splints; he has been walking all day long. Ananda-Lahiri caught a cold. He walked the first part of the day though the rain, but now he is running. Pranab has his second day-off; he is recovering and dealing with his skin problems.

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