Day 29

29th day 17.24 pm
Today the impossible has happened – I overslept! I was wondering all the time how it could be possible to be late for the start, and now it has happened to me for the first time in 6 years. But I slept like a baby! I was having such sweet dreams that I failed to hear the alarm-clock going off, nothing! And when it was 5min to 6am and Rupantar was pounding at my door, I woke up! Oh God, it was already daylight! First Rupantar got Ashprihanal to the start and then he came for me. As a result, I began at 6.20am instead of 6am, lost some laps, but surprisingly, there was no rush. It was peaceful. Today I am running a lit bit faster, so I am going to catch up on mileage. Another proof that nothing is impossible. Never say “never”!

Asprihanal had an unusual start as well. Right from the starting line, he headed for a toilet and then to a van and didn’t show up for an hour. It turned out that he had got a stomach upset and nausea. He could hardly walk. Then Kaushal and Kritagyata were called, and they decided to get Asprihanal to doctor Kumar. And this is the first time in 9 years of Asprihanal’s participating in the Race that he has been taken from the course. It turned out that he had got acidity, so he has to be careful with what he eats and drinks. Asprihanal said that he had never experienced something like that. Well, sometimes everything happens for the first time. Grahak had some news as well. He has never had painful blisters before. This time he’s got them right under his toes. Not one, but a few. He has to stop time to time for bandaging and cleansing. Yesterday, he did a staggering 65 miles.

Well, everybody is making a great progress.

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