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Augu 3, 2009

I wish to express my gratitude to blog team, who was typing my recordings, making blog beautiful, translating and many more unseen things:

Atandra, news corrector Ana Ukrainska, translator Kalakanja, translator, editor Alakananda, master photography Unnayan, blog administrator Jayasalini, blog administrator

Also, I’m grateful to everybody, who sent support letters, made inspiring comments and so forth. Meanwhile, the Race is going on – we have 4 more runners on the course. Stay with us!

Some stats

Augu 3, 2009

This was my 6 successful finish on 3100 mile race and I finished #6. Many dreams came true during the race… Can’t tell everything but even small statistics is speaking eloquently :) First 1000 miles – 16 days + 12 hours Second 1000 miles – 15 days + 13 hours Third 1000 miles –  14 days + 15 hours First 10 days – 573 miles Last full 10 days – 683 miles I bettered my time by 47 hours – I even can’t dream about it. I wanted to be faster then 50 days, 49+. But run in 48+ !!! From 21 line I went up to 15 place in 3100 finishers list. Pair of shoes woren – 15 Weight lost – 7 kg (also a record :) Massages – 1. During a typical day I did 1-2 stretching for 5 min and last 46 days my muscles recovered automatically. Speaking ojas terms – 17,6 :) Most interesting thing happened on the first day after finish – for the first time I jog for 2 miles in my pleasure together with Pranjal, who is running already for more then 400 days (2 miles minimum). I felt myself excellent after running! The fullness of life is in the motion. The physical power has only one source – The spiritual power. Sri Chinmoy