I wish to express my gratitude to blog team, who was typing my recordings, making blog beautiful, translating and many more unseen things:

Atandra, news corrector
Ana Ukrainska, translator

Kalakanja, translator, editor

Alakananda, master photography
Unnayan, blog administrator
Jayasalini, blog administrator

Also, I’m grateful to everybody, who sent support letters, made inspiring comments and so forth.
Meanwhile, the Race is going on – we have 4 more runners on the course. Stay with us!

3 Responses-Комментариев to “Gratitude”

  1. Dima and Natalia Says:

    Вы просто молодцы, ребята!!!!!!! Good job!!!!!!!!

  2. Abarita Says:

    Hoi Stutisheel,
    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Better late than never. I join the many souls, which come to bestow some special blessings upon your devoted head.

    Stutisheel Reply:

    thanks a lot!