Day 21, gallery

Day 20, gallery

Day 20

Archived – click Post Title to view all. Day 20 3.24 pm I want to share some of my observations. I think our perception of the outer world and feelings become sharper. For example, the sky is neverthe same. Open space is everywhere here. Because of private two-storeyed houses we can clearly see sky. I like it very much,especially here, on the course. Such whimsical clouds and sunsets.Beauty is perceived more keenly. There also are a lot of trees along the course and I feel like sitting in their shadows and contemplatingto feel their peace, patience, care, and compassion. Everything is experienced more intensively as well. If you hear a funny joke, you just cannot stop laughing – such a positive outburst. If youread an aphorism which touches you, then you run for a long time underits impression. Here is an example: The pride of the earthly race And the joy of the heavenly race Have the same goal: Self-transcendence. The same is true for songs. Yesterday, I heard a new song of Purushottama Grebenshchikov “The most wonderful day”. I can not express how this song pierced into me. It suits my mood so much! All day long Iwas listening to this only song. It is interesting, but today I can hardly remember its lyrics (though there are only five lines) and music. So, I am ready to listen to it all day long again. This way we accept everything more intensively and deeply and, on the other hand, more peacefully. If there is any unpleasant news or disturbances, we take them calmly. “Come what may”…

Day 19, gallery

Day 19

I have had another smooth day, everything is ok. The weather was interesting today – very changeable and cloudy in the morning. It’s even difficult to believe that it was so cool on the 2nd of July –  ideal for running. Then the sun appeared and fried us. By the evening clouds came and it was heavy raining. Real rivers were running here. Asprihanal has had a hard day today – he is walking, talking to runners (which is great), listening to music. Purna-Samarpan runs more and more getting adjusted to the race. He has been doing more that 50 miles for several days and is going to increase the mileage. All others run well, without serious injures, we move forward. Today, nearly half a day I was listening to the new Grebenshchikov’s song “The best day”. I liked it so much! It describes perfectly the mood of the race, just super. I recommend it. Hello to everybody.


Archived – click Post Title to view all. Utpal’s Interview with Asprihanal (full article read here)    “I run around the block mostly to get Ideas. Everybody else is getting miles.” Ashprihanal is in a playful mood this morning. It may be for a number of very good reasons. The rain, which has been relentless for days has finally stopped. For the runners it means one less formidable adversary. Or it could as well be the fact he ran 79 miles yesterday which means his current average is 75 miles a day. This technically puts him on track, at least for the moment, of potentially setting a new course record. Ashprihanal of course is not constructed of the same raw ambition which drives most world class athletes. He is a light and almost ethereal being who does not look as though he runs like most mortals. It appears more as though he flutters, like a small graceful bird just above the unforgiving course. He is never interested in recounting his statistics or his records. He is not about glorifying his achievements or setting himself off toward distant goals. He is all about the moment. There is a genuine humility about this flying Finn who has run this race 8 times and has won it 5 times. The ideas he is talking about is for a short impromptu skit that he and Grahak will in a few minutes perform for Parvati and her singers. Today will be their third performance. He says, “How it started off, it was raining for 3 days. I…

Joke of the day 19

I’ve known this college worker for many years. Every morning we greet each other. Today when he asked How are you, I replied unusually – Running. After a pause, he emotionally said – Well that’s a good sign! You’re ok!