Финиш Шураши — мировой рекорд!

49 дней + 7:52:01

Day 50, Surasa's Finish in 3100 Mile Race 2015 from Stutisheel Lebedev on Vimeo.

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  1. Gabriele Zimmermann Says:

    Hi Stutisheel, great hero, congratulations! !!!!!! You have done it again!!!!! Awesome
    you have already gone through so many experiences, up and downs etc…that i am not sure if there are any left to discover. …:):) but this race is so special that everything is endless and boundless right? ..and every race is sooo different in a way….still so much to learn. Anyway you did very well and mastered all what had to be mastered. ..on your videos every day you looked and spoke always so poised , so calm, really very inspiring! And you hopefully feel and know how proud and satisfied Guru is with you!!! So again great great job and enjoy your after time in total bliss, also your family!:) :) :) you are an outstanding runner…!! IGH Nidhruvi