Day 46

46th day, 7.40am
In a few hours Petya is going to finish, and he is improving his time
by three and a half days. Yesterday, when Grahak finished the race, he
set a new Australian record; besides, he set his personal record which
was two day better then his previous one. Grahak became number three in
rating of the 3100 miles race. Madhupran, Ashprihanal and then Grahak.
Super! Just super! Taking into account that it is his third race and he
did not have any experience of multiday races before this 3100.
This morning we all were surprised. We saw Suprabha again at the
starting line. Perhaps she was overwhelmed with emotions being at the
celebration of the Grahak finish yesterday. It is a very special
feeling when somebody finishes. So, she is running today. Not so fast,
but she is running. So, never say “never”!
Yesterday I had a good day. One more time 69 miles. Of course, by
evening my legs are no so light like it was a month ago. I have to work
hard. And even very hard. But when at the last moment you do one more
lap, you are just overwhelmed with satisfaction which comes from
self-transcendence. It is just a flight. Just super!
Yesterday I went to bed at quarter to twelve, but a few more days left.
So, it’s OK.

3 Responses-Комментариев to “Day 46”

  1. АНЯ И МИША Says:

    Светлого пробега тебе до конца! Осталось немного!

  2. Сергей Самойленко Says:

    Молодец! Остался Пранджал.

    Stutisheel Reply:

    Осталась лишь бегущая Вечность…