Day 48

48th day, 11 am

I passed the 3000-mile point about 40 min. ago. It means I am running
the final straight. The finish is tomorrow! On the first of August
which is the 49th day!

Volodya will finish tomorrow morning around 8.30 am, then around noon
is Pranjal’s turn. Then me around 5pm. So everything is going very
well. I am in a confident and calm mood.

Today we were blessed by the rain. But we got so used to it that it
doesn’t matter whether your snickers are wet or not, whether your
T-shirt is wet or not, you just run.

Supraba keeps going ahead. She runs according to her schedule. At 6 am
she starts together with us. Then in the evening around 8-9 pm she
gets a ride home. She does fewer miles than before, but she looks
quite fresh and moves ahead confidently.
Yesterday night and today morning I had a feeling that the race is
done for me. As if in the inner world everything had already happened.
What is needed to be done outwardly to get the 3100 point is to just
perm my legs. But it looks like everything is already done.
Greetings to all!

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