Day 3

It’s the third day of the race. 9.23 am. It’s a little hotter today. The sky is clear which promises a sunny day. As usual, all the runners started at 6am and by 12pm they will have tried to do their utmost. On the second day at about 6pm I felt that I didn’t have to struggle so much and it was easier to run. There’s less pain and pushing. It felt as if I had passed a certain barrier. I still need another two or three days for my legs to get adjusted. Yesterday when I was leaving for home at 11.30 pm, they were aching. The mind though is absolutely lucid. I felt good after the whole day. I went to bed at 0.30am and was up at 5.10am. I woke up totally energized. Yesterday I made 120 laps which as a little more than 65 miles. I am very happy.
Surasa who has slowed down a little bit is having problems with shin splints. When I caught up with her, I asked, “Do you know what to do about that?” She answered, “No idea. I’ve never had shin splints”. I said, “Great. Neither have I”. I recommended her a certain stretching technique which I resort to when feeling discomfort in periosteum. Purna-Samarpan is a birthday boy today. He’s turned 33. I guess it’s a very special thing to have a birthday on the course. We are having two more birthdays soon those of Petya’s and Volodya’s. But we have to run that far. Att the best to all of you!

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