Day 4

It’s 16 June, the fourth day of the race. 19.43. A transitional stage at its best. Volodya and I thought that day 3 would be the hardest. As it’s turned out there is day 4 which is even tougher. I couldn’t get a nice sleep. No matter how comfortable my sleeping position throughout the night was, I got muscle pain anyway. So, I had a hard time staying awake on the course. I felt better only close to the evening. I am even having a good run now. Everybody is cruising at a slower pace. Even Ashprihanal is functioning in an energy-saving mode. In spite of her shin splints, Surasa is quite active in her running and walking, although she could do faster. My friends keep sending me jokes, anecdotes and picture funnies. It does cheer me up.

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