Day 5

Fifth day, 5:55 pm. All runners are moving forward, not too fast, but steadily and confidently. Today Asprihanal initiated me into the elite club of space cadets and he had two reasons for it. First of all, around 1 am my alarm started ringing for me to wake up and prepare for the new day of the race. And the second reason is that I indeed woke up and was about to leave for the race! The story started as follows:
Yesterday Asprihanal left the course around 11 pm. I got back home where we live together at my usual time around 11:45 pm. He already was asleep. When I entered the room after having a shower, my alarm had been ringing for about 5 minutes. Asprihanal was tumbling in his bed. Later I realized that for some reason the clock had switched to the Ukrainian time and the alarm started ringing as if I were in Kiev.
The second part of the story happened at 4 am. I do not know why, but I woke up and started getting ready for the race. I went to the bathroom, shaved, then I packed everything to take to the course and was about to leave. Suddenly I took a glance at my watch and realized that it was 4 am only! I was happy because it meant that I had one extra hour before I had to wake up. Of course, Asprihanal could not sleep properly that night. However, after this “wonderful” night he is running even better.
Dear readers, please be aware that long run can have nonreciprocal effects on the normal style of your life, be careful 

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  1. Maya Says:

    «Длительный бег может оказать необратимое влияние на вашу нормальню жизнь». – или возвратить вас к нормальной жизни ;)