Day 12


Day, 12

Thursday, June 24, 2010


It’s the 12th day of the race, local time: 9.51 p.m. The hottest day we’ve had so far is coming to an end. It was about 33 degrees Celsius  plus humidity. Starting from  8 a.m. I had to wet my head and to put a packet of ice under my cap. Today also is the first day when I’ve put on my sun-protection suit because it was really hot. But anyway, the heat made me walk and from 4 p.m. I was walking for several hours. To my great joy after a few hours walking and after the second break about 6  o’clock I was able run. It’s going to be fewer miles than usually, but it’s not a big deal. These few days – yesterday and today – have been really hot, but yesterday I could do 64 miles. Today will be less. But there will be some anyway!!!


The first three runners – Ashprihanal, Petya and Volodya have already run over 800 miles. Darbashana is running very well, the only thing is that he leaves the race earlier, that’s why his mileage is not very high, but during the day he catches up with almost everybody. Surasa is running  all the time, she is much better, so, as you can see our entire race moves forward quite successfully.  


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