Day 13

It’s the 13th day, 8.30 p.m local time. Today’s weather is much better, and there is no humidity. In the afternoon, it was about 27 Celsius. It’s quite cool, the wind is blowing. It’s just perfect after the scorching heat. I’ve had a very good day. I met Ashprihanal only  11 hours after the start. Such things happen when we run at the same speed. We do not see each other all day long. When we were on our way to the race in the morning, he said that he did not expect big results from this race for himself. But you never know what may turn up, no two years are ever the same. Let’s see.
Today a big surprise awaited me –  I got a letter from Abichal. He could not participate in  the race two years in a row, but said that he wanted to come back. He is working on this. We surely will run together. How wonderful!!

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