Day 14

Saturday, June 26, 2010

It’s the 14th day, 9 p.m. local time. Today is not very hot, I’d say, it’s moderately hot, and  everyone has been running like a deer. Some are faster, some are  slower, but all run confidently towards their goal.
This day is interesting because 25 years ago on this particular day Sri Chinmoy started his career of weightlifting by lifting up a 50 pound dumbbell.

Here in New York they have a great celebration of this event and many Sri Chinmoy’s friends from a weight-lifting world came.  At the tennis court, where he  had often trained, they put his famous bar-bell weighing 3 tones, which he had lifted with his left hand, and then in half a year in 1987 with his right hand. They displayed a lot of other exercise equipment. So, not far from our running camp a short anniversary celebration is going on. In the morning, the legendary Bill Perl  came to visit us.  He has won the Mr. Universe title many times and he was acknowledged as the best body builder of 20th century. He is a legend of body building and fitness. They were very good friends with Sri Chinmoy. Today he and his wife  spent more than hour here on the race with us taking photos and having a little talk. He is about 80 years old and he has such a kind heart and such amazing power. A lot of times he was a Master of ceremonies when Sri Chinmoy lifted weights in public. All runners got just a huge sea of inspiration, support and energy. It was much easier for us to run after his visit. Our race is running forward quite successfully and according to Shandani, tomorrow the 4 first runners will reach 1000 miles.

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