Day 17

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It’s the 17th day, 9 p.m. Today’s weather wasn’t very hot, partly cloudy, 27-28 degrees Celsius, but nevertheless Slovak and Czech runners expressed solidarity. It was for sure a tough day for them all. Petya, Ananda-Lahari, Pavel have been walking almost all day long. Pranjal has run slower too, but he is not the guy who will be made to walk easily. He will grind his teeth rather than not running. Petya says that he ‘was boiled’ a few days ago when it was hot, and still hasn’t recovered fully. Now he feels weak. 3,100 miles is an extreme race. It is important not to defeat others but to accept everything that happens and to be on the right side of the hedge. Sometimes you need real humility not to feel down when you cannot manage to run as you want. At the same time Dharbasana has been running today like a sprinter, he is running to his cherished wish which is the first thousand miles. Most probably, he will make it there today.

My speed is not slower than yesterday. All the runners are moving quite steadily. It is evening now. People are heading home, and my favorite time of the day starts. There is a silent and calm atmosphere: a yellow lantern glow, beautiful stars, and a clear sky.

Life is wonderful!

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