Day 20

Day 20, 8.56 pm local time. Today is an extraordinary day meaning that I am mostly walking. I ran a few laps in the morning until my left foot called a strike. My Achilles tendon was tightened, knees and muscles were sore. I started with a jog trot, but had to give it up. So, I’ve been working since early morning. I have no idea what it might be. Maybe it has to do with the shoes. I felt some pressure around my knees for the last the few day but it was quite bearable. This morning it really started to hurt. Vajra massaged my legs, but it didn’t help. Our chiropractor Gaurish worked on my knees – to no avail. I applied olive oil, put cabbage leaves and bandaged my knees. Hopefully I’ll be able to run tomorrow. It was a good day-off for my body though. What can one do? There are good days and bad days. But the goal is always there and it’s beckoning us. As soon as I started walking, I felt such concern and care from all the runners and helpers. Everybody tried to be helpful. It’s so touching. We are one big family here. That’s what I like about the race most of all. The others are doing fine. It’s no so hot. Dharbasana has adjusted to the race and has been running consistently. Also, Purna-Samarpan has been doing his 111 lap norm for a few consecutive days. He is moving forward very confidently. The same as Surasa. When you walk, you can watch others running. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. See you.

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