Day 25

Day , 25

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It’s 11:20 p.m. At first, a few words about yesterday. Now looking backward at my knee pain, it’s clear that it was getting worse and worse day after day. The first lap in the morning of the 24th day I walked for 19 minutes, although I did it for 15 minutes on my worst day. Several times I had to stop, because my right knee just did not allow me to move… When at about 3 p.m. I decided to take pain killers to somehow move on, on my next lap I felt a great stabbing on the other side of the knee. Absolutely wet I made it to the tent. It was my last 33th lap on the 24th day. The air temperature that day was around 40 degrees Celsius plus a horrible humidity. I was sick several times from the heat. So, all eggs in one basket!

Later, Pupantar and Bipin came into the trailer and we took a decision that I had to take a break my knee got better.

On the 25th day I did 0 laps. Today Rupantar took me to another chiropractor for procedures. I felt better afterwards. But still I cannot walk without crutches. Tomorrow he is planning to take me to a physical therapist who had treated Suprabha. I hope she will clarify what’s wrong.

On the 25th day Asprihanal was also missing from the course. He had a dehydration and inflammation of the nail . At the hospital they injected 2 liters of saline and he came back as a different man! So, as you see it’s not a room, it’s a field hospitalJ
Galya says that there is a different kind of energy on the course without us, the veteransJ He said that only the young ones are left.

Asprihanal is starting tomorrow with a new energy.

But I am still on sick leave.

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