Day 28

4:15pm. After visiting the doctor it became clear that my 3,1000-mile race is over. It will take quite a long time to recover. My result this year is 1,386 miles in 24 days of running. The race and the life have once again demonstrated that one can make plans, but it’s God who has the final say… Our task is to do our best and take everything that comes with joy. It will take me quite a long time to integrate the experiences of this year’s race. But I am not crest-fallen – next year I am definitely doing the race. I’ll hanging at the race till its end. So I’ll be keeping you posted on what’s going on at the longest certified race in the world.

Pranjal has been leading the way today, with the gap between him and Asprihanal being about 6 miles. It’s a cool day with a nice drizzle. Over the weekend  the runners get a great privilege of forgetting about dust and noise coming from the construction ground. Galya Vladimir Balatsky is the only Ukrainian and the only representative of the CIS. And a very good one for that matter. The first break after a 6am start he took only at 3:30pm having covered 60km. He’s been very consistent. He did lose weight, but he jokes that it’s better for the legs….:)

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