Day 31

We’ve got quite a rainy day today. Although it refreshed all around, it made the runners drowsy, as the temperature remained unchanged. The good thing is that they were not suffering from the dust attack coming from the construction. Our front-runners Pranjal, Asprihanal and Galya have crossed the 2,000-mile mark. It means the first finishes are only 15-16 days away.

Pradan, one of the best doctors working on ultra races, has finally turned up to everybody’s joy. Almost all of them paid him a visit, got fixed and continued their journey in a much better shape. Purna-Samarpan said that Pradan had returned him to life within 10 min.

He helped me as well. He said that my knee problems were caused by weakening of muscles round them. He intends to free me from crutches over the 3 days he’s visiting. I wish he had been here a week ago :)

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