Day 36

4:20pm.  I am at the race counting laps. It’s 36C in the shade. At midnight yesterday it was 28C. It’s been an extreme summer. Asprihanal has bounced back and is leading the race again. He is in a fabulous mood, his confidence is back and it couldn’t but tell on his speed. Looks like he is being immune to the heat.The same is true for Pranjal and GalyaThe gap between the two is closingI always find it unbelievable: the runners have covered 2,300 miles and the gap between them is just a couple of miles! Dharbasana has got problems with a ham string and he has to switch into a walking mode. Baladev has been walking the whole day, too. Purna Samarpan is getting close to the mark of 1,884 miles which was his total mileage in 41 days of the race last year.

My knee is slowly but steadily getting better. I even can walk in a certain postureIt turned out I had problems not only with ligaments. It’s a bunch of other issues I need to tend to.

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