Day 42

4 years ago at this day Madhupran Schwerk (Germany) finished the 3.100 mile race with a new world record of 41 days+08:16:29.  Then we also had a heat wave, the remaining runners hit a second  heat wave in a couple of days :) I remember Madhupran pleading with his helper to come on that day to the course. His helper was so exhausted that he refused to help Madhupran 8 hours before the finish. Madhupran himself was on the verge of a collapse – he stopped sweating (his body heating system broke down). Then he gave a solemn oath to never run ultra races again. In the end everybody transcended themselvs!!!

Today is the toughest day 38C and a 100% humidity. But everybody is moving forward. Asprihanal has passed the 2,800 mile mark. His finish is expected in 4 days, on the morning of July 29. Later in the evening Galya will finish,too. The last days of the race are the toughest. So, make sure to drop the runners a line!

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