Day 45

The last few days have been a little cooler, and the runners don’t have to struggle with heat. Galya has been very steady. He says if last year he was dreaming of so many things after finishing, now he’s looking forward to only one thing – to sleep to his heart’s content. Together with Asprihanal they will finish on Thursday, July 29.
Dharbasana is through with his hamstring problems. He’s been running for 3 consecutive days. Yesterday he even led the day with 70 miles! Now he is pushing real hard to finish before the cutoff, August 3.
Today is the 3rd anniversary of Parvati’s singing group getting a name “Enthusiasm Awakeners” from Sri Chinmoy. Traditionally, they give a lot of presents to each runner: a T-shirt with a runner’s name, an Enthusiasm thermal mug, a few sweetmeats. In celebration of the anniversary, there were many skits performed by Asprihanal and myself, Asprihanal and Antaraloy, Purna-Samarpan, Pushkar and Dharbasana, Surasa.

Purna-Samarpan: Why do birds always fly to the south in winter? Because it would be too far to run.

However, the best joke belonged to Pushkar and Dharbasana.

Pushakar (wearing a wig) is powdering his forehead and looking in a mirror.

Dharbasana: Dear, have you decided  yet  to participate in 3100 miles next year?
Pushkar: I’m making up my mind

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