Day 1

The first day. Well, the race has started. Everybody is running quite freshly. Igor and Sarvagata are very frisky. Sometimes I can see those who outrun me: Pranjal, Ashprihanal, Atmavir and Igor accompanied by Sarvagata. All others are running at the same pace. For instance, I have not seen Pradip since morning, as well as Surasa. Probably they are somewhere : ) Sarvagata is obviously very happy that he has started, he has been dreaming about it for a long time and at last he is at the race. Igor said that it seemed that he had been here before, that he had been running here before. Pranjal is flying now at the first space speed, he is overtaking me now. Judging by the results of the day he has a plan . He is big and strong. The weather is indulging us: it has been cloudy since morning, but now it is fine : a nice sun in clouds. The temperature is +18 which is ideal for running. If there was not the out of season period it would be excellent. I think in about 5 days it will be absolutely perfect. Everybody is in high spirits. In the morning ESPN TV channel filmed us for the E:60 program and NBC channel for Today’s Show. They broadcast not only throughout America but all over the world. The lady journalist found Rupantar last year, she was interested in the race but it was late then as the race was finishing. And she waited for a year to come and make our race famous.

Greetings to everybody!!

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