Day 3

June 14, 3.14 p.m. we have the third day of 3100 race.

All are alive and kicking, some are alive, some are kicking, some are not so good, but all are going ahead because there is no other direction. Purna-Samarpan and Ananda – Lahari are mostly walking today; the body is getting used to the training loads. In spite of feeling better, I am going to make fewer miles than yesterday. But the main thing is to keep the right state of mind, inner poise and joy. I think I can make a push later. Our newbies – Igor and Sarvagata –are pushing now. It seems that everything is very natural for them. they are fast runners by nature. Ashprihanal is running better than yesterday as well. He said that yesterday was a disaster. So everything is quite good, including the weather. I am even running in a long-sleeve T-shirt now because it is chilly. It has been + 16 since morning. Tomorrow it’s going to be colder. But for running it is just fine. The results on the official site of 3100 are keept up to date and our current miles are growing every day. you can see there.

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