Day 15

Today is Sunday which means a lot of activities on all playgrounds. There was a football match across the street, next to our camp there are Puerto-Rican families with dogs, children and loud music having fun. Surprisingly, I am taking it easy. The pace is good, the spirits are fine.  The first 4-digit figures starting appearing on the scoreboard. Ashprihanal, the race leader, was the first to cross the 1,000-mile mark. He was followed by Pranjal and Igor who “did a grand” for the first time in his life. Sarvagata is only a few laps away from his own first “grand” . They  look very fresh and keep soaring as if nothing special  happened.  Ananda-Lahari is walking more than others, Purna-Samarpan is resting the most. Neverthless, all runners without exception are climbing the 3,100-mile Everest.

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