Day 16

Day 16. 8:28pm

Today I've done my first 1,000 miles (15 days 6 hours and 6 min). This is 11 minutes slower than my fastest 1000 miles last year. So, the pace is quite normal. The only thing is that in the evening I feel wiped out. I am a little tired. Maybe I just need a longer sleep at night. Other than that, everything is fine. When I was about to cross the 1,000 mile line, I saw a firefighter car with a waving American flag at the back. I took it as a congratulations sign :)<неиThe weather is still indulging. It hasn't gone above +28C.<неиThe only runner who is being slow is Ananda-Lahari. He must be trying to figure out again which food is good and which food doesn't go well with him. Others have been running quite vividly. We've got 6 people who have already done 1,000 miles. Tomorrow a few others will join in. <неи<неиFunny stories from Sarvagata.<неиHe told us about the start of his multiday running career. When he was debating to apply for a 6 or a 10-day race, he calculated the cost of one day and figured out that to run for 10 days was cheaper. That's the notorious Ukrainian character: "I go for the cheaper". That's how he started running 10-day races. Then he adds addressing me, "Now I understand how smart you are. You figured out long ago that the cheapest is to run a 3,100 mile race".<неи<неиBefore the race, he bought a few pairs of Asics Evolution running shoes. He says they are great - steady and soft, but extremely heavy. Since the money has been paid, every morning while his feet are still fresh he does 20-30 laps in these "heavy as my life" running shoes. Nothing doing: he bought them. That's the quintessence of the Ukrainian character!

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