Day 17

The 17th day of the race. 10.45 pm. Less than half hour left to run for me. Today, let’s say sincerely, is a quite difficult day. Since the very morning everything has been pretty messy: a lot of noise, a crowd of students having their last day at school (we even had to run on the road), and the most unpleasant thing is very a strong humidity (since morning there has been a usual blue fogbank). So, I had no energy in the morning, but nothing doing – you just bite a bullet and do not think about how much time is left to run. Do what you can! I tried to remember good moments and listened to music I like. I still wonder how I managed to run before the first break at 1 pm, then to the second at 6pm. Anyway, it happened and at 8.30 pm the energy came and, moreover, it worked like a switch – one, and you are floating, your legs are light. I am happy that I didn’t fail when it was difficult and as a result I will have enough miles for such a hard day and a good backlog for tomorrow.

Igor also asked where to take strength if there is no power, but anyway until this very moment he has done 127 laps(68 miles) and now he is leaving.  So the absence of energy tells differently on the way people run. Sarvagata also flew at his traditional state. Ashprihanal had a good day as well.

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