Day 22

It is the 22nd day of the race, 7:42pm. Ashprihanal did half of the distance (1,550 miles) around 7 p.m. and it could be said that the race is entering the phase of crossing the half. Sarvagata and Igor will have their half distance tomorrow morning. I did 1400 miles at around 5 pm and passed last year’s «point of death» when I had to quit the race at 1,386 miles. So, the journey successfully continues.<неи<неиIt was raining today in the morning for about 4 hours and of course it slowed us down. I was running more slowly than my usual pace. it was a take-it-easy day, but it isn't going to tell on the mileage that much.<неи<неиPradeep is the only person who has been walking the whole day today. He's got some problems with his femoral muscle, so he can't run and can only walk. He started the treatment. Hope he'll recover soon. Yesterday Sarvagata surprised everybody. He completed 77 miles and went home at 11pm. So, here we've got some new talents!

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