Day 27

It’s our last hour of the day. A few words about yesterday. The whole day I was crying. My eye was, be exact. Something must have gotten stuck in it or I could have scratched it. I tried applying different stuff on it but it didn’t get better. In the morning, tears began streaming. Even when I was wearing sunglasses, the wind was still bothering it and I was blinking all the time. When I couldn’t bear it anymore, I had to use antibiotics eye drops. It got a little better. I had to run in sun glasses till late into the night. I got compliments that I looked cool. They wouldn’t say that if they saw what was behind the glasses. Each race bring something new. The eye thing has happened for the first time. Everything can happen as we are outside the whole day and experience rain, wind, and heat.

Today I woke up with no energy to go. When I started running, I realized that this was one of those days when I didn’t have enough sleep. No energy at all. Then Igor caught up with me and took me in tow. We started chatting about this and that and then I had a good run and picked up a decent speed (120 laps a day). At 4 pm it started pouring. It has just stopped raining. I had to change shoes twice and my feet are heavy. It means that I will have a fewer laps. But I am happy that I managed to run today. In the late afternoon I crossed the 1,700-mile mark.

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