Day 28

9.50pm A few laps ago, Purna-Samarpan did 1,550 miles and he still cherishes the hope to finish the race before the cutoff (day 52). He is running faster now and did 116 laps yesterday. His spirits are also fine. Which you cannot say of Ananda-Lahari – he’s been walking for the past 2 weeks and something is not working out for him this year. In a few miles, Ashrihanal is going to cross the 2,000 mile mark which is pretty decent. My 3-day eye epic has ended today. My common sense took the best of me and I asked Maral to have a look at my eye. There was a grain of sand stuck. He took it away and I am feeling much better. The eye is red still, but these are just aftereffects which will disappear soon. One can only wonder that a tiny particle can give one so much trouble and get one to the edge. Our rockets Igor and Sarvagata are still flying. Looks like Sarvagata decided to catch up with Ashprihanal. For the last several days, he’s been doing 140 laps (76 miles). Stay tuned!

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