День 35

Day 35. 8:34 a.m.

A few words about the previous day. It’s midsummer and it’s full moon. In
the morning it was quite hard, I hard stomach problems and went to rest
before my regular break time. After the break I wasn’t able to run at all.
Some time later Kaushal came, looked at me and said that my liver was
shutting down. He tried to fix it, but I still couldn’t’t run and walked up
to the end of the day. He came in the evening again and was very surprised
to find out that practically all my internal organs were shut down – liver,
kidneys, stomach. And whichever medicine he tested, all of them fit, as if
each organ was crying: “Me too, me too!”. He ended up giving me a shot in
the liver. 40 miles on day 35 is ok. Life is life. As usual, the fool moon
took its toll on me. According to Kauhal, I will be feeling better now that
the moon is waning. Maybe it has the same effect on me in the regular life,
but I don’t have to run 100 km a day there. Igor also had problems with his
liver and he did fewer miles than usual. Sarvagata had issues with his knees
but he managed to do his daily norm. Even Galya, who is not running the
race, was feeling bad and didn’t come to cheer us up. Ukrainians had a bad
day. Today it’s just the other way round. I feel good and hope that
everything will be back to normal. I crossed the 2100 mile mark. Just 1K to

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