Day 36

Day 36, 6 pm.

I am getting old. Like in earlier days, I have intermittently good and bad
days. Yesterday my knee was giving me a hard time and it took a while to get
rid of the pain and pick up speed. Only to find out that I can’t run and
have no strength at all. So today is mostly a walking day. Purna-Samarpan
has a semi-walking day. He came up with an idea to put a belt filled with
ice on the stomach for “the engine to work well”. It helps him a lot in hot
weather. Ananda-Lahari and Pradeep are walking too. Pradeep has a deep
blister on his left foot which makes him limp. He must be the slowest today.
Others are rushing to the finish. Ashprihanal is likely to finish next
Sunday, in a week from now. He says that he is ready to finish because he is
fed up. Hope tomorrow will be a happier day. Alakananda made our day by
putting together a funny photo collage. See ya!

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