Day 39

Day 39, 7:16 am.

Yesterday Ashprihanal broke his previous record. For 24 days is a row he’s
been running more than 70 miles a day. He got 77, 73, and 71, but it’s over
70. He is the only person in the world who can do that. Even Madhupran, the
3,100 mile world record holder, didn’t have such a consistency. Ashprihanal
is running very well. Yesterday he crossed the 2700 mile mark and set a new
personal record. If everything goes well, he’ll break MAdhupran’s best time,
which has been a world record for quite a while.

As for me, I am feeling tired (did only 54 miles yesterday). It’s hot and
the forecast for the near future is +40C. Towards the end of the race the
troubles come from the weather. It’s OK, we shall overcome!

Everybody’s legs got thinner. I marvel at Sarvagata’s match-thin legs that
do 70+miles a day. I remember that after my first 3,100 mile finish back in
2004, TV was making a program about me. In their understanding an
ultrarunner is a man with iron muscles. They asked me to run and stretch for
the camera. I disappointed them then. Now I’ve got a good working weight to
do the job. Excess weight is gone. Purna-Samarpan quit the race on day 37 at
1984 miles.

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