Day 41

Day 41, 4.30pm It’s been a unique day. An hour ago, when the temperature was the highest, it was + 41C and 95% humidity. We’ve died and resurrected more than once today. The ones who are eager to get a new incarnation are very welcome to the 3,1000 mile race. I had run just 10 laps, when my legs got wobbly and refused to continue. At 5.40 am it was already +30C and hard to breathe because of humidity. So we knew that the day was going to be tough. Practically everybody is running slowly. Ananda-Lahari, Pradeep, Ashprihanal and myself are walking and only Surasa seem to be unaffected by weather. She has done more laps than Igor. She’s been running at her regular pace. A true iron maiden!

Ashprihanal hasn’t recovered yet. He was sick at night. In the morning he didn’t run even a lap and was just walking. Ananda-Lahari and Pradeep just caught up with me and we sang a song about 3,100 mile runners by Sri Chinmoy. After singing I felt an inner smile and it felt much better. The heat also started to subside. Hopefully the evening will be more bearable. Tomorrow will be another day.

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