Day 44

Day 44. 10:46pm. It’s been a good day. The weather has cooled down. In the afternoon we got some rain which lasted about 4 hours. Tomorrow Sarvagata will have another 60 miles to go before the finish. It will be the first one. Ashprihanal has been walking today which is unusual. When I caught up with him, he looked distressed. He says he’s lost motivation. It normally happens to him in the middle of the race. He’s had it this year too. But when something like this happens just before the finish… Everybody is getting their own lessons here.

Ananda-Lahari was walking too. Later in the day Pradeep slowed down a bit. Yesterday he did an impressive 122 laps. Others, including myself had a good run yesterday.

In the past few day we’ve received really nice letters of support. Some of them are so touching! We are so grateful to those who have been following the race and those who’ve sent us letters. Thank you for your oneness!

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