Gift From Heaven

Author: Utpal

26 July

Sarvagata’s sister, Sarvadhara is with her brother on this his final few hours here at the race. This morning he will simply continue to do what he has done now for so many long days. At the end of this day though, he needs go no further, and what is more, he will also be the champion.

He has but 55 miles more to go now, so small a gap it is almost as though his foot is already poised to step at last across the finish line. Just a few laps more, when compared to all the suffering and joy he has experienced and endured now for 44 days. Using an American expression, I tell her that what he has left to do now is but a ‘piece of cake.’ I ask her if there might be a better expression in Ukrainian. She says his race is like a, ‘Gift from Heaven.’ Her expression is much better. Read more

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