Day 47

Day  47, 8:30 pm. We’ve got one good news and one not so good. In the evening, Ashprihanal finished. For the last few days, today as well, he had been walking. Only on the last lap he trotted a little with the 3100 flag and crossed the finish line with the result 46 days + 12:06:08. In spite of all his walking, it’s still nis 3rd best time and his 11th finish. Only Suprabha has more finishes – 13. He looked a little sad, but he said that his happiest moments had taken place here when after a finish he was sitting next to Sri Chinmoy. After the finish, he was taken directly to our restaurant Oneness-Fountain-Heart where they are having a special program dedicated to Thomas Jefferson.

The sad news is Surasa got an injury today. She was running at her regular pace which we are all used to. But around 1pm Pranjal said that she could hardly make it to the camp. She stayed in the van for half hour or a hour and only then did we find out that something had happened to her calf muscle.  In 30 minutes Gaurish, the chiropractor, arrived and tried to fix her. He said that the muscle was swollen and she couldn’t even walk. She had tried to walk a lap and made only a fourth of it, when Bipin transported her back. She stopped running at 1pm and was hanging in there to see Ashprihanal’s finish. Then she was taken home to recuperate. We all hope that she would recover soon. She does have some cushion to finish before the cutoff on day 54. This is another reminder that at 3100 anything can happen and there are no guarantees until the very last step at the finish line.

There are only 5 of us on the course. We don’t get to see each other. Pranjal has seen me only twice today. We can only communicate via a walking Ananda-Lahari. Now the race has turned into its solo phase.

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