Day 48

Day 48. 9:24pm Today’s been a versatile day. We started when it was raining and everybody was wearing yellow rain-protective suits. They called us 6 canaries. Throughout the day it was gloomy and it rained again in the evening. The last blessing before Pranjal’s finish tomorrow morning. Surasa came to the start in the morning. Her calf muscle is swollen. The left calf is 1.5 times bigger than the right one. She limped for some time and was then taken to the Chineese doctor who had treated Suprabha and my knee the previous year. The doctor said that she had a serious muscle inflammation and advised that she rest. We haven’t seen her since then, but they just told us that Surasa was coming to the course later in the day. Our finishers – Ashprihanal, Igor and Sarvagata come to see us on a regular basis. They look very happy.

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