Day 50

Day 50. 7:49 am. About this time yesterday Pranjal finished the race at 48 days + 02:27:05. He is the most consistent runner of is all. He is the first to show up in the morning and the last to leave at night. He really did his best. It’s his 7th finish in a row! For 3 years now he’s also stuck to a project of running 2 miles every day. We’ll see him today running 2 miles on the course.

After the finish, he did another 13 laps to have 5000 km and then left to recuperate. Alakananda saw him climbing the porch chairs. In reality he was crawling up. For us to ascend stairs is an ordeal, as there are no muscles left responsible for lifting feet. I thought that in this manner he had had to climb for many days.

There are five of us still running. Surasa is picking up running too. Looks like her calf if healing and she is determined to finish before the cutoff on Thursday. Then the course will be closed for another year.

I had a good day yesterday and did 61 miles. I am in good spirits running towards another finish. As we say, a runner is ready to finish when he’s learnt all the lessons. All my crises are over. I am enjoying the pre-finish euphoria. I feel that I am ready to finish. My speed is lower than in the first weeks of the race, so I have to cut my breaks short (15 min.) and stay on the course till midnight. My alarm clock is off at 5.10, but somehow I manage to have enough sleep. Stay tuned!

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