3100 Start in 2013

The 17-th annual Self-transcendence 3100 mile race is starting at June 16, 6 am  in New-York.  In this grand test of endurance and survival, a small group of athletes attempt to complete 5,649 laps of a .5488  mile course (883 meters) around a city block in Queens, New York in the time span of 52 days.

Runners must average almost 60 miles a day to finish within the time limit. The serious athlete must have tremendous courage, physical stamina, concentration and the capacity to endure fatigue, boredom and minor injuries.


Final List of Runners
Name Age Country Best Finish Number of Finishes All Time Rank
1. Ashprihanal Aalto 42 Helsinki, Finland 43days+04:26:32 11 2nd
2. Sarvagata Ukrainskyi 39 Berdansk, Ukraine 44days+13:38:52 2 5th
3. Atmavir Spacil 34 Zlin, Czech Republic 45days+03:44:21 6 7th
4. Pranjal Milovnik 40 Bratislava, Slovakia 47days+04:19:49 8 12th
5. Ananda-Lahari Zuscin 37 Kosice, Slovakia 49days+14_25:37 5 19th
6. Sopan Tsekov 31 Sofia, Blugaria 50days+13:48:57 2 24th
7. Vasu Duzhiy 47 St. Petersburg, Russia 51days+10:47:39 1 26th
8. Surasa Mairer (female) 55 Vienna, Austria 53days+15:54:25 1 29th
9. Baladev Saraz 36 Slovakia 54days+14:26:40 1 30th
10. Yuri Trostenyuk 49 Vinittsa, Ukraine first attempt
11. Sarah Barnett (female) 37 Adelaide, Australia first attempt
12. Nidhruvi Zimmerman (female) 47 Vienna, Austria first attempt

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