Day 2, Pranjal

11 pm

Day was tough. Yesterday vomiting was fun, but today it wasn’t. I couldn’t keep anything in my stomach. I was not really eating. Only at evening I could eat something so that would stay in me. Because it was not enough energy most of the time I was walking. It looks like everybody else is much stronger – they are running, except Ashprihanal. He was also walking.

Sarah in spite having problem with foot was running like anything whole day. Vasu also – I think he is steal leading the course. Atmavir is also really fast. Ananda-Lahari is feeling much better than day before. Baladev was running all day, only at the evening he start walking.

My day was really tough – even Ananda –Lahari took video of me falling asleep while walking. But because of my hard day everybody was trying to help me

Girls are really fast – Surasa, Nidrhuvi was running all day.