Day 4, Pranjal

This is the end of Day 4. It was quite a good day for me, at least except last 3 hours. I ran out of the energy and was pushing myself till the end. In the morning I was a little bit sleepy, probably because of the digestion which is not 100 precent ok. This year we have quite a lot strong runners. Vasu is looking very strong at his second race – he is still running all the hills. Atmavir is also doing pretty good so far. Surasa is very strong – she is always happy. And she could run for a long time pretty fast. Sarah, although she is not making many miles, she is looking very strong. If she will be 100% ok with the foot, she could do a lot of miles. Baladev is doing very good in comparison with other years. I was not seeing Sopan often this day, probably we were running on the opposite sides of the track – it happens here. Although the loop is not long, but you could see no particular runner for hours and hours. Sarvagata is starting slowly to speed up. Usually at the beginning of the race he is warming up. Ashprihanal is back on the track with his full speed. Nidrhuvi is always very steady. She is not very fast, but probably still faster then me – she could do good mileage because she could maintain steady pace all day. Ananda-Lahari now is focused at 60 miles per day. So far many runners staying until midnight. At previous races most of the people ended their day at 11-11:30 pm, but now almost everybody is staying until bitter end.

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